Monday, March 19, 2012

Here we go...

I'm not afraid to admit it.  I'm pissed about all this "bully" hype.  I'm tired of the PSAs. I'm sick of it.  What's the fucking problem?  Are bullies new? What, exactly, is everyone trying to achieve?  If your kid takes your gun to school to shoot people, I don't feel bad for you.  I don't give a shit who talked down to them, or made them feel bad... It should have been you.  You should have handled your fucking homicidal child before he used your gun to shoot innocent people. 
People commit suicide for one reason, they feel they can't live. 
If someone has the will to tough it out, it takes courage.  Being able to protect one's self isn't a privilidge, it's a right.  If someone hits you, you have the right to protect yourself. If your child is taking an ass beating everyday, and you suggest "verbal resolution", someone should beat your ass. I was bullied my entire 8th grade year.  I handled it myself, with no violence, and everything was fine.  I told my parents about it, and they let me know that if I wasn't equipped to handle it, they would.  The idea of that scared me worse than any bully ever could.  Children, nowadays, are either mean, or weak.  What the fuck is up with that?
 I'm fucking perplexed right now.
 I watched my 14 month old son smear his own shit on his face last week, and I thought, "Oh yeah, this little bastard's gonna have to learn to throw a punch."
The meanest group of people on this fucking earth wasn't the Nazis, it's children aged 12 to 17.  Bear this in mind, your child will have to deal with the same shit you did, but in a different form.  Coddling our kids is ensuring them, and forgiving, their weaknesses. 
That cannot be. 
The only strong person who ever stood behind a gun, is the person who was strong without it. 
The most offensive thing about the hype is the fact that it belittles the efforts of everyone who worked up the courage to defend themselves.  There have been millions of little George McFlys out there, building their courage, punching the bully, getting laid. 
Tell your children that if they're gonna get their asses beat, at least swing a punch.  Even if the punch doesn't connect, the kid'll feel like a fucking champ for trying... or, you could just let the president host a fucking HBO special, and pour yourself another drink.  Why are your kids watching HBO, anyway?