Saturday, September 4, 2010

Toddlers, Tiaras, and Childsploitation!

Is there a more horrifying form of child abuse, aside from molestation? I saw a beautiful little three year old crying because she didn't win a crown.  She didn't win a crown! As I watch this train wreck of a show, my two year old lays on the bed covered in peach juice.  She doesn't understand the point of the show.  Why aren't we watching "Nemo"?  Why, the hell, aren't we watching "Nemo"?  I think I am mezmerized by this show to see how low the parents will sink.  How badly they will behave?  Could you imagine spray tanning your three year old?  What the fuck?  I don't care who they are, or what their particular malfunctions are. These parents are sick!  Brow beating a baby until she suffers and emotional break, in front of a bunch of pageant moms and pedophiles, should be punishable by law.  Today, there is a marathon of hearbreak and abuse.  I think I am finished.  It's my own fault.  I watch too much TV.  My daughter is diving head first into a crate of toys, and I am wasting my time watching this shit on TV.  I do have an additional question... How do these ogres have such beautiful little girls.  I am no prize, I know that, but these broads are rough.  They need to stop worrying about buying false teeth for their little girls, and get their own teeth looked after.  I have such a hatred and disdain for these sick bitches, I don't feel bad about expressing it.  I know that these types of people have been around forever, but I don't understand the need to put them on TV.  If this wasn't on, there might be something good on.  I watch crap, and this is too shitty for me!  Oh well!  I think I'll take my daughter's advice.  We'll watch "Nemo"... I think I am going to try to talk her into "Monster's Inc.", instead.

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