Friday, September 24, 2010

The Truth About Breastfeeding

Here is a little tidbit of truth that most mothers won't tell you.  If you breastfeed your child, you can save money and sleep through the night.  When my daughter was born, I had decided I was going to stay at home with her.  I figured she could be my job, and I was right... Boy, was I right.  When they say 24 hours a day, they mean it.  She had to be fed every 3 hours a night.  If you have never had a child, you could not imagine the severity of waking up two, or three, times a night to feed your child. 
I never thought I would breastfeed my children because I figured I devoted my body for 10 months to the nourishment of a baby.  I wanted my body back.  But, my husband believed it was important for a "bonding" experience between mother and child.  I thought his reasoning was sound, and adorable, so I thought I would at least give it a try. 
Let me tell you, it was the best decision I made, and have yet to make, during my tenure as a mother. 
I should mention that to say my breasts are large is an understatement.  My breasts are ungainly and, for the most part, have been a hindrance on my life.  When I was breast feeding my daughter, they finally made sense.  My breasts served a purpose.  Now, breast size means nothing when it comes to breast feeding. Small and medium tits work fine.  I have always hated my boobs but, for once, I could understand their purpose... Anyway, I felt more comfortable with my body when I was breast feeding.  The bonding experience is not just a bunch of new age babble.  It is real.  When it was time to wean my little girl, it was harder on me than it was on my daughter.  For 6 months of her life, she needed me to survive... Literally!  When she got hungry, only I could provide her sustenance.  But, that's not what I wanted to tell you.
What I want to express...
What I want to say is that breast feeding is so simple, it is almost unreal.  My friend had a baby 3 months before me and she did not breast feed.  When her baby cried, during the night, she had to get up, go downstairs, make a bottle, warm it, and come back up to feed the baby.  Not to mention the bottles she then had to clean.  When you breast feed, all you need is you and a baby.  I could lay on my side, lay my baby next to me, and presto!  We could fall back to sleep together.  I am a pretty light, to moderate, sleeper so I didn't have to worry about rolling over on her.  God, it was so easy. 
The other thing I wanted to talk about is the cost.  When my daughter was 6 months old, I learned a shocking truth... Formula is $7 a bottle.  She drank about a bottle and a half a day.  That was a huge pain in the ass. 
As you know, I am pregnant again, and I hope that my son is as easy to feed as my daughter was.  They say it is a different experience with every baby.  I welcome that experience.  I definitely recommend breast feeding to all the reasonable mother's out there.  It is not just a "spiritual" experience.  For me, it was the right choice.  If you are lazy and cheap, like me, give it a try. 

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